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Core Beliefs

  • Leadership matters, but it is the involvement of education professionals in the decision making at the building, district, and state level that matters most.

  • Policy impacting learners must be established and evaluated through a non-partisan and student-focused lens.

  • Non-partisan is an intentional practice for best collaboration.

  • All students have the right to an equitable and inclusive learning experience.

  • Equitable student funding will result in increased academic achievement.

  • Our community is a safe place physically and emotionally.

  • Collaborative partnerships among administration, union leadership, teachers, community members, and policy makers work together to benefit students.

  • It is essential that our selected TV Reps set aside their own agenda and biases, maintaining a non partisan position with only the best interest of student learning and the teaching profession in mind.

  • Trusted Voices carefully refrains from endorsing any candidate running for an elected office or siding with any political affiliation.

  • Although Trusted Voices may support and approve the work of many educator driven advocacy groups, this work is unique in that the leadership consists of full time teachers volunteering their time and who dismisses any partisan directives or agendas.


  • TV Reps commit to excellence and uphold Michigan’s Teacher Leader Standards.

  • TV Reps lead on behalf of equity.  We believe all students must receive the resources necessary for them to achieve their dreams.

  • TV Reps lead on behalf of democracy.  We encourage students to exercise their civic duties through service learning and commit to teaching them about the importance of voting and standing up for causes that matter to them.

  • TV Reps do not claim to be experts in policy, but rather a learner first and always.

  • Trusted Voices Reps will always maintain a growth mindset and practice essential Galileo teacher leader principles, such Covey’s 7-habits of highly effective people.

Guiding Principles

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