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Our mission is to collaboratively reframe the agenda for public education.  As a nonpartisan advocacy group of educators, we are focused on building collaborative partnerships among teachers, administrators, and policy-makers to ensure every Michigan learner receives the highest quality of education.

Our goal is to support our superintendents through collaborative advocacy and serve our policy-makers offering council on the impact of ed policy and how it shapes Michigan schools as well as the teaching profession.

2018-2019 Legislative Focus:

Trusted Voices reps set aside their personal agendas and speak as one collective voice on behalf of teachers regarding important legislative topics.  Our current focus is to communicate the findings and suggestions of Michigan’s 2018 School Finance Research Collaborate Study (SFRC). 

Become A Trusted Voice Rep Today

Trusted Voices Representative is a highly selective leadership opportunity for outstanding Michigan teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of education policy and gain a voice in decisions that affect students and the teaching profession.  

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Free Online  advocacy course

This free online course: What Teachers Need to Know to Influence Policy Decisions, will help you to get your voice heard with education policy decision-makers.

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What if bargaining was a collaborative approach in the interest of student learning?

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