Our mission is to collaboratively reframe the agenda for public education.  As a nonpartisan advocacy group of educators, we are focused on building collaborative partnerships among teachers, administrators, and policy-makers to ensure every Michigan learner receives the highest quality of education.

Our goal is to support our superintendents through collaborative advocacy and serve our policy-makers offering feedback on how education policy shapes Michigan schools as well as the teaching profession.


1) Teacher Retention and Recruitment

2) Adequate and Equitable School Funding

3) Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning

4) Teacher Evaluations 

5) 3rd Grade Reading Law

Galileo 3.0 Fellowship

Why should you consider the Galileo 3.0 Fellowship?:

  • You will have the opportunity to build on your priceless experience in the Galileo Academy and further develop your own leadership.

  • You will help support the progress of expanding Trusted Voices into an influential statewide network of teacher leaders.

  • You will become a Trusted Voice for the Education Caucus, which will play an important role as we move forward.

  • Your work will be supported by Galileo Institute leadership team at Oakland University and become part of Oakland’s Galileo Institute Advisory Board.



  • Graduated from the Galileo Teacher Leadership Academy

  • Approved by your superintendent.​

If this opportunity and these challenges interest you, please send your current resume and a letter of interest to JarodMcGuffey@gmail.com  by June 12th. 

Looking beyond the Crisis

with special guest:

Rep. Kennedy

Dr. Sheryl Kennedy is a Democratic member of the Michigan House of Representatives.  Before joining the Legislature, Kennedy spent 30 years in the field of public education, working to empower youth as a local teacher for her first 22 years. After receiving her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration in 2011, Dr. Kennedy became a school administrator

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Rep. Paquette

Brad Paquette is a Republican member of the Michigan House of Representatives. Before being elected to the Michigan State Legislature, Paquette worked as an educator, teaching at Niles New Tech Entrepreneurial Academy.

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