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Our mission is to collaboratively reframe the agenda for public education.  As a nonpartisan advocacy group of educators, we are focused on building collaborative partnerships among teachers, administrators, and policy-makers to ensure every Michigan learner receives the highest quality of education.

Our goal is to support our superintendents through collaborative advocacy and serve our policy-makers offering feedback on how education policy shapes Michigan schools as well as the teaching profession.

Priorities for 2021-2024: 

  • Providing high-quality teaching and learning for all kids with attention to equity

  • Support teacher retention and recruitment – connect with district, county, regional efforts including cabinet level leaders and principals in the conversation

  • Teacher evaluation and support as well as professional development 

  • Mental health/wellness and supporting socio-emotional learning 

  • Promoting optimal conditions for learning and appropriate student testing

Galileo 3.0 2021-2023 Fellows

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Oakland County Fellow

“It was great to engage with an existing Trusted Voices Team at Farmington, Katy Gustafson, Ninette Soares and Melissa Wiercinski. Together with
Superintendent Chris Delgado, we are planning a roundtable with all stakeholders and even the press. This is a great team and I am looking forward to what we can accomplish.”

~ Kyle Geralds

Farmington Public Schools

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Wayne County Fellow

“I feel that there is so much going on at the legislation level, that teachers need to be part of the conversation. I know for me, at least, feeling that there is a mission to make education better for EVERY student across Michigan keeps me going. I have even started talking with retired teachers because they seem to have more energy and time to offer suggestions to legislators or perhaps run for office!”
~ Laura Haydamacker

Flat Rock Public Schools

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Macomb County Fellow

“The role of school is more than providing an education and this has become crystal clear to me during the past year and a half. The future of education feels fragile. Fewer and fewer young people are choosing education as a career path. My participation in Galileo 3.0 is how I can collaborate with the policy makers in our state and community to build a system where students and teachers feel supported.”

~ Mary Binge

Center Line Public Schools

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MDE, MASA, MASSP, MEA, AFT, Michigan’s K12 Alliance Partners with: Oakland University, Galileo, Michigan’s Ed Caucus, Launch Michigan Supported by: Oakland University and the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership
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