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Our mission is to collaboratively reframe the agenda for public education.  As a nonpartisan advocacy group of educators, we are focused on building collaborative partnerships among teachers, administrators, and policy-makers to ensure every Michigan learner receives the highest quality of education.

Our goal is to support our superintendents through collaborative advocacy and serve our policy-makers offering feedback on how education policy shapes Michigan schools as well as the teaching profession.

Priorities for 2023-2025: 

  • Improve student learning and achievement. 

  • Support recruitment, retention, and development of effective teachers.

  • Restore trust and confidence, by building positive community support for schools.

Galileo 3.0 2023-2025 Fellows

Galileo 3_edited.jpg

Oakland County Fellow

~ Angela Delage

Lamphere Public Schools


Wayne County Fellow

~ Mark Ureel

Northville Public Schools


Macomb County Fellow

~ Stephanie Givinsky

Lakeview Public Schools

Vetted by: 
MDE, MASA, MASSP, MEA, AFT, Michigan’s K12 Alliance Partners with: Oakland University, Galileo, Michigan’s Ed Caucus, Launch Michigan Supported by: Oakland University and the Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership
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